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The charm of women's business clothes
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Professional clothes always exist in a kind of personality. Attach importance to professional clothes on behalf of women from her work, thought has risen to another starting point. Many fixed patterns and single styles of professional wear design let professional women dress in a dull style, so as to cover up the unique style of women.

A woman who knows how to find fashion must always put the embellishment of details in the first place. She knows how important it is to reflect the soul of the design and the charm of the whole dress to show the seemingly casual pleats at the neckline, the division of the princess line, the sash around the waist and the flowers on the chest. Good use of clothing details of the design is the first step to grasp fashion.

The upper and lower colors of the suit look not focused, then need to pay attention to the waist of the lace, and then wear bright long necklace, a little "Chanel" elegant. Attend the cocktail party professional dress, may wish to wear in the chest and clothing echo corsage, the focus of the move to the beautiful neckline will be more attractive. In addition to details, can make the professional dress active and color. Although the color change of professional clothes is relatively simple, black, gray, white and other colors dominate. If we can pay attention to the subtle changes in color, black and white can also become the spokesperson of fashion.

Head-to-toe black or gray is not advisable, to be bold in the professional clothing to add bright colors. The combination of dark gray, light gray, blue gray, purple gray and other subtle changes, or the addition of lime yellow, light blue, pink small accessories in the gray system, not only will not rob the gray scenery, but also make the gray more pure, more attractive. Glossy belts, silk chest flowers, transparent texture of buttons, etc., will make professional clothes rich.

This year's business attire focuses on the feminine, which is also the theme of the season. It's a little bit of an aristocratic dress. A suit made of tweed, lined with a silky suspender jacket, may be embroidered with a slight relief effect. Rough cloth and warm nephrite silk together, the contrast is self-evident, sexy effect is naturally strong.

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