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Here are some tips to clean your work clothes easily
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With the prevalence of customized work clothes, wearing work clothes has become commonplace in the work, and the cleaning problem of work clothes will follow. How to properly clean work clothes, so that work clothes can not damage work clothes at the same time.

The first trick: when cleaning work clothes, the laundry tank to keep eight full, washing process, clothes, detergent and water friction between each other to remove the dirt on the clothes, clothes filled with full, the rotation of the laundry tank will become slow, is not conducive to the removal of dirt, this will also make clothes easy to remain spots.

The second trick: when cleaning dark color work clothes, in order to prevent the clothes pattern from being dark color clothes, the clothes need to be cleaned in turn. It's hard to avoid friction when washing clothes, and printed clothes are more likely to stain with other colors. Use liquid laundry detergent to clean dark colored clothes, which can effectively prevent the color from falling off.

The third trick: when cleaning, the amount of detergent is also very important. The idea that the more detergent the stronger the decontamination ability is is wrong. Too much detergent can create a lot of foam, and too much foam makes clothes difficult to rinse.

The fourth trick: Before cleaning the work clothes, you can first soak the work in warm water, so that the dirt on the clothes can be more easily dissolved.

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