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Out of Shape by Working Out? Maybe you just didn't pick the right sports bra
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The weather is getting hotter every day and gyms are becoming more popular (for reasons that don't need to be explained).

As a girl, we need to pay more attention to the details of fitness than boys. The most basic is to protect our bodies from being injured by different intensity of fitness movements.

Breasts are a vulnerable part of a girl's body, and breasts and movement are inherently incompatible, as any girl who loves sports will know. Ordinary underwear will shake, pull, pain, sagging and other conditions when doing sports, this is the girls are proud of the chest but to be destroyed in the exercise.

Studies have shown that girls in intense exercise, breast swing amplitude up to 14cm, even A cup girls can reach 4cm, easy to cause chest atrophy, serious and even pull the chest oh!

So don't neglect to protect it during exercise and fitness. The appearance of sports underwear undoubtedly saved thousands of girls who love sports and want to improve their body shape through sports.

Three advantages of sports underwear:

1, the support strength is high, the chest is not easy to shift.

2, the fabric is comfortable and breathable, not stuffy sweat.

3, the shoulder strap is non-slip stable, not easy to fall.

Don't underestimate a small sports underwear, there is a lot of knowledge inside. A sports bra can be both practical and aesthetic, and it can also shine brightly on the way home after a workout.

Different sports underwear corresponding to the degree of motion vibration is not the same.

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